Men, Suicide, and Happiness: Helping Men Live Meaningful Lives

Tomorrow morning, March 31, 2023, at 8am, I’m co-presenting with Matt Englar-Carlson and Dan Salois on suicide and happiness with men at the American Counseling Association World Conference in Toronto.

Here’s the session blurb:

Men and boys account for nearly 80% of all suicide deaths in the U.S. Factors contributing to high suicide rates include: constricted emotional expression, reluctance to seek help, firearms, alcohol abuse, and narrowly defined masculinity. In this educational session, we will use a case demonstration to illustrate suicide assessment counseling methods to help boys and men liberate themselves from narrow masculine values, while embracing alternative and meaningful paths to happiness.

If you’re in Toronto, I hope to see you there. . . and for anyone interested, here’s the Powerpoint presentation:

5 thoughts on “Men, Suicide, and Happiness: Helping Men Live Meaningful Lives”

  1. My goodness! You and Dan Salois from the “Arts and Science of Happiness” course in January to April, 2021 are here in Toronto today….my home city!!

    Wish I could come. Glad to see that sometime this weekend I can look at the PowerPoint presentation in place of actually attending.

    Maybe it could be of help to my son, his family and our interactions with him…❓❓❓🤔🙏♥️😊

    Elizabeth Erb Sherk, Member of the –Oh dear, I can’t remember the name of the lovely breakout group that I was privileged to be part of during that course😎 Lidia Donahue and Torian Donahue and others are still in my heart and mind.

    1. Hello Elizabeth,

      Thanks for writing. My apologies for not remembering that you’re in Toronto. I know people in lots of different places and so it’s hard to track. You were in the famous Yellow group:)!

      All my best,


  2. thank you to all three presenters and your generosity in sharing your materials and wisdom. It was most definitely worth the 8 a.m. start time!

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