Mental Health Academy Suicide Summit PowerPoint Slides

Good morning! The 2021 MHA Suicide Summit has started (see below) and I’ll be up in less than an hour.

Sometimes I think the hardest part about doing workshops is writing the workshop blurb. My problem-and maybe it’s just my problem—is that the process of writing workshop blurbs nearly always impairs my judgment. I start out writing like a sensible and rational person, but eventually I decompensate into displaying delusions of grandeur. For the Mental Health Academy Suicide Summit, I completely lost touch with reality and claimed that I would,

  1. Describe strengths-based principles for suicide assessment and treatment
  2. Be able to implement three strengths-based assessment tools (and recognize the limits of risk and protective factor assessment)
  3. Identify suicide drivers (and goals) linked to seven common life dimensions
  4. Describe at least one wellness and mood management positive psychology strategy for patients and practitioners.

Of course, all of this is great, but, here’s the catch. I’m only presenting for 45 minutes!

If anyone out there can help me become more realistic, I would appreciate the input.

In the meantime, here are the ppts for the presentation today.


2 thoughts on “Mental Health Academy Suicide Summit PowerPoint Slides”

  1. Listened to your training yesterday live with a friend and reviewed it again today to take notes. I found it incredibly informative and helpful! I loved watching how you combined research-based strategies with such wamth and empathy! I also loved that you left so much time for questions and appreciated the densitty of information and strategies you were able to share! I appreciated your caution against softening “suicide” to “harming” with adutls, that was a great reminder for me! Something I totally understand and remember slipping up on in session. Beautiful job!

    1. Hi Charla,

      Thanks very much for listening and learning along with me and everyone else. I really appreciate your kind and positive take-away messages. Thanks for sharing! All my best to you . . . and have a fabulous week. John SF

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