Advanced Mental Health for the Jackson Construction Group

Three years ago (2019) I had the honor and privilege to be the first outside person to speak at a Jackson Construction retreat. The topic was suicide prevention. During our time at the Jackson retreat at Big Sky, Rita and I were touched by the kindness, authenticity, and engagement of the Jackson community.

On this rather frigid Montana day, I’m back with 130 Jackson employees at Fairmont Hot Springs. Once again, I’m honored and humbled to have the chance to speak. Knowing how hard it is to gain and maintain positive mental health, I deeply appreciate the chance to speak, and I hope the words and experiences I share are of use to the Jackson community.

Here is a one-page summary handout:

Here are the ppts:

5 thoughts on “Advanced Mental Health for the Jackson Construction Group”

    1. Hi Gary, Thanks, as always, for your support. I do feel it’s important to reach out as much as I can with positive and helpful messages. I also hope some of what I say is useful to people. I’m very fortunate to have all the support and opportunities in my life and feel big gratitude for that. All my best to you and Joyce!

  1. The day always feels a little bit better and I feel a little bit lighter when a post from you shows up in my inbox. I especially welcome your kindness and happiness today. I needed all that beyond measure. A timely, heartfelt, meaningful post. As always…I appreciate you..Thank YOU.

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