A Free, One-Hour Video on the Strengths-Based Approach to Suicide Assessment and Treatment

Earlier this year I was asked by a school district to create and record a one-hour training on strengths-based suicide assessment. I made the recording, shipped it off, got paid, and mostly forgot about it. However, because I have the recording and sometimes I think it’s good to give things away, I’m sharing the link here: https://youtu.be/kLlkh8nJ2pI

The video is about 62 minutes, recorded on Zoom, and slightly oriented toward school counselors and school psychologists. I’m sharing this video just in case it might be useful to you in your teaching or for your clinical group or personal knowledge, etc. Feel free to share the link.

If you feel you benefit from this video, I hope you’ll consider the “pay it forward” concept. No need to pay me . . . just notice opportunities where you can share your gifts and talents and resources with others and pay it forward.

5 thoughts on “A Free, One-Hour Video on the Strengths-Based Approach to Suicide Assessment and Treatment”

  1. Dear John,

    I finally took the time to watch your one hour video on a strengths-based approach to suicide. You probably don’t want to read an hour’s worth of praise, so I’ll simply say that you are a master in practice and instruction. I can’t help but think about the lives you help save and the way your work reduces the considerable distress in the lives of therapists and teachers. Thank you for your work and your way. Best to you and Rita, Gary

    1. Wow. Gary this is so incredibly kind of you. Praise is one thing, but praise from you, when I know what an amazing teacher you are, is especially gratifying. Thank you so much! All my best to you and Joyce.

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