Tomorrow – Another Suicide Prevention Conference with Free CEUs

The second of two consecutive suicide prevention conferences with free CEUs is tomorrow! Just in case you didn’t know, this conference, the Montana Conference on Suicide Prevention, has two full hours of David Jobes–the creator of CAMS–in the afternoon. How often do you get to listen to Dr. Jobes for two hours, for free, and get CEUs? Not often, I suspect.

Here’s the conference link. Go to the bottom to find the registration button:

In related news, I just got an email from the Association for Humanistic Counseling about an upcoming all-day conference on Strengths-Based Suicide Assessment and Treatment (with me presenting!). The date is: 9.24.21. This one has a small fee for CEUs . . . but it’s cheaper if you become an AHC member. Here’s the registration link for that one:

Have a great evening and I hope to “see” you tomorrow at the Montana conference.

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow – Another Suicide Prevention Conference with Free CEUs”

    1. We already weave a bit of CAMS content into courses, so I’m guessing you mean when we might sponsor a CAMS workshop training? Great question. I’d love for us to do that. I’ll talk with the faculty about having it be part of our spring workshop series. I’m not sure we can get Jobes himself, although I might be able to convince him that visiting Missoula in the spring is magical. Whereas, visiting now, would be unpleasant. Thanks!

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