Fear, Anxiety, Loathing, and Today’s Workshop for the Thriving Institute

Even though I’m a Montana Grizzly, being back in Bozeman is always nice. Today, Rita is insisting that we go out to Burger Bobs before my evening workshop for the Thriving Institute. To be honest, Burger Bobs sounds a little heavy for my pre-workshop meal. I’m nervous, but I guess we’ll see if that’s a mistake or not.

For those in attendance (or those not in attendance), here’s the ppts for tonight. They’re like, “amazing” or at least I hope you think so.

Thrive Anxiety Beast 2019

Anybody feeling anxious? Or like a beast?



2 thoughts on “Fear, Anxiety, Loathing, and Today’s Workshop for the Thriving Institute”

  1. I really enjoyed listening to your talk tonight. I was made to really consider my own anxieties and how my husband and I both tend to project our own anxieties on our kids more often that is probably good for them, so for that I thank you. It starts with us, and even as adults we too are still trying to figure out how to taming the anxiety beast.We will continue to be working on it together😊

    1. Hi Joann. Thanks for your note. I’m very happy to hear that you enjoyed the talk. Anxiety is an interesting, contagious, and difficult (but necessary) part of experience. I guess all that makes it complicated. Good luck on taming the beast and living with it (in peace:). John

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