Transforming Therapeutic Relationships into Evidence-Based Practice

Here are the ppts for today’s Webinar: v2 TherapySites 2019 Final
The handout linked below is an in-depth supplement to a webinar I’m providing for on March 13, 2019. Although it’s designed to go with the webinar, it’s also a standalone resource for learning more about how to integrate evidence-based relationship factors into counseling and psychotherapy practice.

Webinar Transforming Therapeutic Relationships into Evidence-Based Counseling


5 thoughts on “Transforming Therapeutic Relationships into Evidence-Based Practice”

  1. Hello, I’m interested in the webinar, however the time does not work. Would it be available to view at a later time? How would I sign up for that if it is an option? Thank you! Raquel Castellanos Miller, LCSW

  2. John,

    I hear it’s been in the mid 50’s in Missoula. Spring is coming, even here!

    I’ve given the following a whole lot of thought and would like for you to give the following a whole lot of thought yourself. The piece I addressed on the department FB page last week was intended to go right to the heart of the world of counseling education. But I’m not sure it got there, including to you or the department. The three day gathering we’ve got projected at the ranch will go directly to what you and the department taught during the three school years I attended, that being positive and constructive mental healthy therapy. Adding the combination of women, native American women, and culture in the modern West, and the role and influence of the horse in that environment can fill a void that has been neglected over time.

    I tried my best during many classes to try and get the importance of the horse, modern and and native culture, and the world in general to understand how those dynamics can interact positively in the mental health field. I didn’t do a good job to that end and I wish I had been able to be more effective. The department was the very best I’d ever been part of. The whole gang is the best, period. But I continue to think that you are missing a big piece of the puzzle.

    What we’ll doing and showing up here will be pretty novel. We’ll be combining horses, horsemanship, and lots of fun with those great animals with analogies and lessons about life. We’ll not be in an office on couches. We’ll be outside, under blue skies and sunlight, active and horseback. And there will be lots of fellowship. I think those are pieces that we are missing in conventional mental health therapy.

    Those three days will be too good to miss. I recommend that a member(s) of the faculty join during just one of those days, perhaps that Wednesday when we’ll be riding hard during the day and speaking in the evening. I think the event will open up some eyes. Needless to say that participation is on the house.

    I’d love so much for so many of the gang that I was with in the classroom to get even just a little bit of the combination of the world of the horse, the traditional native and western culture, and feminine strength and influence all mixed up as one. It’s time.

    Well, if you are able to give that some thought and pass along those thoughts that would be great. You are coming!😎

    Always my best to you and your family,


    Bill Beck Box 452,

    East Glacier Park, MT 59434



    1. Hi Bill.

      Thanks very much for this thoughtful message. I agree that there are many ways we can all have our eyes opened and our souls enlightened. Your offer to help us glimpse the therapeutic potential of horses and outdoors and conversation is very generous. With your permission, I’ll happily share it with our faculty. Let me know if that’s okay with you. And I appreciate your continued efforts to share your perspective.

      All my best to you and your family,


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