Saturday Night (or Monday morning) Listening!


Dr. Sara Polanchek and I have been cranking out podcasts at a dizzying pace. Well, maybe not dizzying for you, but as I get older, it hardly takes anything to get me dizzy.

Being dizzy is my excuse for why I’m just now letting you know that our latest podcast “How Parents can Help Children with Grief” even though it’s been available since LAST MONDAY!

This is a tough, but important topic. Because life and relationships are complex, often grief for children and parents can be complex and so getting some guidance is strongly recommended.

This episode, number 14 if you’re counting, is about 29 minutes and packed with critical information about how to help children cope with grief. Once again, Dr. Tina Barrett is the special guest and she answers my questions with grace and wisdom.

I hope you’ll listen. I hope you’ll let me know if you find it helpful. If you listen on iTunes, who knows, you could be the 20th person to rate our podcast.

As always, feel free to post your ideas or reactions or email me with comments and/or recommendations for our next podcasting topics.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Night (or Monday morning) Listening!”

  1. Hi John,

    I am very glad you and Sara are creating these “legacy” recordings for the present and future. I did not listen, since I’m past the “helping kids” stage of life. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy you are making them.

    Gary and I are going on a backroads of Montana trip in June, coming close to Absarokee. Do you plan to be there? We’d love to not drop in, but plan a drop in and stay in our air b and b south of Columbus. Could we connect? Our timing would be about June 10 and 11. Then we go to the Big Horn battlefield, hoping to gain a native perspective on that time.

    Love to you both,

    Joyce (and Gary)

    1. Hi Joyce.

      It would be great to see you guys in Absarokee. Right now our schedule back and forth is slightly squishy. We’ll be passing though Missoula and going to Portland in late May/early June. But June 10 and 11 are probably good. Let’s stay in touch on this. It would be very nice to show you our place here and hang out on the Stillwater River.

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