How To Moodle

Grading a Quiz

Although automated quiz grading is awesome, two of your 25 quiz items need manual grading.

Click on item 24 of Student 1, to initiate manual grading.

Scroll everywhere without finding any place to manually enter grade.

Scroll again.

Find link to “manual override”

Click on manual override.

Enter grade.

Look for “save” button.

Notice that the Moodle screen doesn’t quite fit your laptop screen.

Begin muttering.

Plug laptop into larger external screen.

Move visual to larger screen.

Click on “save changes.”

Feel satisfaction from effective Moodle problem-solving.

Notice that nothing happens.


Try clicking on next item that needs manual override.

Notice that nothing happens.

Swear again.

Click on item heading (in hopes of accessing ALL ungraded items)

Notice that instead of taking you into the item, Moodle takes you back to the whole list of student quiz scores.

Scroll sideways to re-locate items to grade.

Notice that item 24 for Student 1 IS NOW GRADED!

Smile to yourself at your Moodle success.

Follow identical process to grade item 24 for Student 2.

Notice the process no longer works.

Move to F-word in profanity cache.

Search “How to override an individual quiz item” in Google.

Almost find the right answer.

Try using the almost right answer.


Continue with F-bombs, now in close combination with Moodle.

Write email to University IT help, trying not to type F-Moodle as Subject Line.


Get tired of waiting.

Try grading again.

Notice that Moodle no longer recognizes you as having grading privileges.

Give yourself grading privileges.

Begin grading again.

Begin wishing you had used crayons to administer and grade quiz.

Step away from Moodle.

Begin an email invoicing Moodle or IT or the Universe for your lost time.

Delete email.

Consider describing your problems with Moodle in your next email to students, because you need to apologize to them for the delay in quiz-grading.

Delete paragraph of email to students where you described all your Moodle problems.

Send email.

Realize that Moodle timed out while you were composing your email, and consequently your email did not send.

Realize (again, because this has happened before) that Moodle has no automatic back-up for emails and consequently you have to re-write what was likely the most eloquent email you’ve ever written.

Recall that you had previously sworn to yourself to never again write a long email in Moodle.

Exercise risk management by stepping away from the computer.

Consider resigning from the University because of continued problems with Moodle, Qualtrics, Box, and repeated difficulties recalling your passwords.

Recognize, through a finely honed capacity for self-awareness and self-reflection, that you need to take a nap before engaging in any rash decision-making.

Take a nap.

Awake refreshed and optimistic.

Consider logging into Moodle.

Procrastinate, hoping Moodle will upgrade itself by the time you’ve finished writing a snarky blog about Moodle.

Post blog.

16 thoughts on “How To Moodle”

  1. I can’t find my way into the blog, but I remember quite clearly all of these issues with MOODLE since 1992 or so when I arrived on faculty. Thanks for the memories?

    Nadine M. Wisniewski, PhD Sent from my iPhone CONFIDENTIALITY: This email (and any attached files transmitted with it) is intended solely for the individual named. The email message may contain confidential, proprietary and privileged information. Unauthorized disclosure or use is prohibited. If you received this email in error, please notify the sender and delete this email from your system. Thank you.


  2. 😂 Thank you for a good laugh to start my weekend! I feel you though, as this portrays similar experiences I have had as a student. We students may forget the struggles cyber world grants our professors. Thank you for your service. 😉

  3. Very funny and absolutely my experience with Moodle. What should be simple ends up being byzantine and circuitous. Your coping skills are a testament to self control!

  4. Hi John – I burst out laughing at the word, “Swear,” and never stopped until the end of your post – thanks for sharing your humor with us.

  5. Thanks, John. Sometimes just knowing we are not as alone with our daily struggles small and large as it appears helps!

    And the Gradebook function on Moodle! I’ve never had a successful or even relatively seamless experience with the Gradebook–the majority fall in the frustrating to disastrous range.
    Robert S.

    1. Thanks Robert. Yes, the Moodle Gradebook. What seems like it should be easy just takes a nasty turn. I’ve been wanting to tell you that I got to listen to you on the radio do your tribute to Bill K. You were fantastic! Just thought you should know. I hope you’re doing well.

  6. I go through this process daily with various programs. Thank you John for letting me know I’m not the only overly frustrated person out there.

  7. Moodling is laughable😄 I am very grateful that you accept my word documents attached to your email address.
    Elizabeth in Toronto

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