Your Life is Now: Trapper Creek Reflections

John Sommers-Flanagan

The Road

Note: This is a re-post. I had a chance to drive to Trapper this past week with one of our doc students and I was reminded of the powerful life experiences that happen at Trapper Creek Job Corps.


Sometimes on Thursday or Fridays I drive from Missoula to Trapper Creek Job Corps. Then I drive back the same day. It’s a 140 mile round trip. Sometimes I have interns with me. The company makes the miles go by more quickly. Sometimes the interns are very nervous sitting next to me for the whole drive and consequently compete to see who gets the back seat. This makes me wonder if maybe I shouldn’t quiz them about theories of counseling and psychotherapy as we drive there together. Although I wonder about this . . . I haven’t changed my behavior. Maybe this means I’m trying to scare them all into the…

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4 thoughts on “Your Life is Now: Trapper Creek Reflections”

  1. Great times John, thanks so much for your contributions to Trapper Creek, students and staff. In my view, and with a magic wand, I would make for a formalized long term relationship with our universities and Job Corps for interns, practicum, research and multidisciplinary learning experiences, modeled much like the Veterans Administration with universities.

    1. Hey Mike. When I was visiting Trapper about 9 days ago, I missed you. Have you retired?? Haha. I did miss the idea of seeing you there. I also wish for a magic wand. There are lots of things happening in the world that make me wish for magical powers.

  2. One more comment! And thanks personally for the interns and supervision that brought me some highly motivated and skilled counselors that I hired and had the privilege to work with in the Counseling Department. The legacy of your introductions of professionals to Trapper Creek continues to bode well, as recently Mr. Jesse Casterson, MA has recently become the Trapper Creek , Center Director.

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