Your Parenting Style: Can You Do It All in 2017?

This is just a link to the Missoulian newspaper OpEd page where they were nice enough to publish a piece I wrote. Click on the link to find out the stunning answer to the question of whether parents can do it all in 2017. And if you do, be sure to read the only comment that the article has generated. It’s taking all of the self-control I possess to not respond with an especially snarky retort. Must remember . . . When they go low, we go high or the story of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby or that saying about how you shouldn’t wrestle a pig or that Sweet Spot of Self-Control . . .

Here’s the link:

Feel free to post your sophisticated comments on the Missoulian website.

3 thoughts on “Your Parenting Style: Can You Do It All in 2017?”

  1. As usual, John S-F writes a savvy, research-based article that real people can ponder. I like his practical, even authoritative, style of coaching. For those of us past the parenting years, we can remember what worked well and not so well for us, and support our family members and friends as they find their own loving-with-backbone approach. As Obama said, it’s the unconditional love that makes the real difference. So we can love those who are parenting.

  2. I posted a comment, John. That other one is snarky indeed. I don’t know whether your parents were liberal, but I am certain they were loving, and there aint no wimps around here. Joyce

    1. Thanks Joyce. Your comment was so amazingly sophisticated. My first reaction is usually something like, “Okay dude, you want to meet me in some alley and see if I’m a wimp.” I think this despite the fact that my last (and only) physical fight was in 7th grade.

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