Readers Needed for our Counseling and Psychotherapy Textbook

Hello All.

We’ve just started working on the 3rd edition revision of our textbook, “Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy in Context and Practice.”

For each edition of this and our Clinical Interviewing textbooks, we ask interested students, professionals, and academics to provide feedback. This is usually a positive process for us and for reader-volunteers because we usually end up learning from each other.

This time around, to make things manageable on my end, I’ll be accepting the first two volunteers for each chapter. If you’re interested, take a look at the list of chapters below.

What do you get out of the deal? Well, you get that nice warm feeling . . . AND a complimentary copy of the text (when it comes out) and your name and affiliation listed in the acknowledgements section of the text, and a BIG THANKS from Rita and me for your insights and assistance.

Thanks for your potential interest and have a great weekend.

Below there’s an outline listing the existing textbook chapters. If you’re interested in reading and commenting on one of these or need more information, send me an email:

Thanks again for your interest and support!


Chapter 1: Psychotherapy and Counseling Essentials: An Introduction

Chapter 2: Psychoanalytic Approaches** [Each of the subsequent theories chapters follows the same outline as this one]**  

Biographical Information: Sigmund Freud

Historical Context

Psychoanalytic Theoretical Principles

Evolution and Development in Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice

The Practice of Psychoanalytic Therapy

Case Analysis and Treatment Planning

Evidence-Based Status

Concluding Comments

Chapter Summary

Psychoanalytic Key Terms

Recommended Readings and Resources

Chapter 3: Individual Psychology and Adlerian Therapy

Chapter 4: Existential Theory and Therapy           

Chapter 5: Person-Centered Theory and Therapy             

Chapter 6: Gestalt Theory and Therapy 

Chapter 7: Behavioral Theory and Therapy          

Chapter 8: Cognitive-Behavioral Theory and Therapy     

Chapter 9: Choice Theory and Reality Therapy   

Chapter 10: Feminist Theory and Therapy            

Chapter 11: Constructive Theory and Therapy    

Chapter 12: Family Systems Theory and Therapy              

Chapter 13: Developing Your Multicultural Orientation and Skills              

Chapter 14: Integrative and Evidence-Based New Generation Therapies 

One Theory or Many?

Psychotherapy Integration: Historical and Theoretical Trends

The Practice of Eclectic and New Generation Integrative Therapies

Concluding Comments

Chapter Summary

Integrative Key Terms

Recommended Readings and Resources


16 thoughts on “Readers Needed for our Counseling and Psychotherapy Textbook”

  1. Hello,

    I would be interested to review chapter 1 on psychotherapy and chapter 8 on CBT. Thank you for the opportunity. I saw you at NASP and really enjoyed your session. I would also love a copy of your book when it comes out!



  2. Happy to read chapters – not sure which. My work tends to be a lot blending cognitive / affective, gestalt coming out of work in the 70s (2 chair, putting conflicting selves in different chairs and encouraging them to talk to each other) existential concerns nearly always in there with an awareness of culture, life stage etc… And mindfulness practice (slow down and really observe that glass of wine) focus on breathing for anxiety etcetc etc….

    1. Hi Nancy.

      I like your application of mindfulness to wine drinking. Last time I did mindfulness with you it involved ice cream. You really know your mindfulness foci. I’ll respond to you on email.



  3. One thing that would be nice for the new edition would be a spider-gram, or visual outline, of how the therapeutic interventions relate to one another. Possibly displayed on a continuum. Ie: Directed, Non-directive, Somatic processing, cognitive-behavior, etc.

    1. Hi Dave. Spider-gram, hmm. How about a Spiderman gram where Spidey casts his web in different directions to organize the theories. Seriously. You make a good point. We need some visuals! Hope you’re well. John

  4. I’m interested in chapters 8 and 13 if they’re still available. Side note, I was a student volunteer for one of your workshops (at the 2015 ACA conference). 🙂

  5. Is this a current request? Anyways, I will like to review chapters 4 (Existential) and 6 (Gestalt). I am interested in applying both in my current international counsellor training research. This is a great opportunity.


  6. I feel that in the future, including those with lived experience. Those who this kind of critical information will be used on can bring some amazing insights. Views from those with lived experience are probably the most valuable!

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