Rita’s Children’s Book for Adults

In case you didn’t know, my wife Rita is an exceptionally creative person. She’s the source of many, if not most, of my good ideas, which I often steal from her in ways that couples do . . . in that she’ll say something and then because I spend time in my own mind thinking about it, later I’ll forget she was the source of the idea and unintentionally claim it as my own. For example, she had this great idea for a children’s book for adults about baby corporations that end up in a daycare with the rest of the human babies. In this case, I remember it was her idea, but it’s so good that occasionally, I slip into thinking that maybe we thought of it at the same time. . . or maybe I inspired her to think of it. . . or maybe I’d like a little credit even though I don’t deserve any.

All this is a way for me to say that Rita did the impressive thing of taking her idea and turning it into reality. Just 2 days ago she published an electronic version of her children’s book for adults online through Amazon. It’s only $0.99 and so feel free to check it out and “Like” it on Amazon or write a review on it (like I did:) or share it . . . Here’s the link:



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