Missoulian Editorial on Positive Parenting

Hi All.

Here’s a link to the editorial in the Missoulian this morning which is linked to my talk at UM tonight which is linked to the idea that parents can be a positive influence which is linked to pretty much everything.


4 thoughts on “Missoulian Editorial on Positive Parenting”

  1. OK, so I see you in the gym, I see you in pictures with your fabulous grandkids, I know you are at Trapper on Thursdays, and teach full time. How is you have more hours in your day / week than I do. HOW do you do it all?

    Nancy Seldin, MPH, EdD Licensed Professional Counselor #285 Intercultural Youth and Family Development program The University of Montana, Missoula MT 59812 ________________________________________

  2. john, can you give me the original source for the quote, “Rules without relationship equals rebellion?” You’re not a Trapper!


    1. Hi Philip.

      I’d like to give that out, but my memory is that I got it from a client or a parent with whom I was doing a consult. On the other hand, if I got it from you and have now officially stolen it, please let me know and I’ll start giving you credit:). I hope you and the family are doing great.


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