Today’s Mindfulness Epiphany in 98 Words

I just realized that mindfulness meditation is all about nonjudgmental acceptance of the experience of failing at mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation always involves failure, therefore it requires nonjudgmental acceptance.

We fail at mindfulness because we are always more or less distracted; we cannot achieve perfect mindfulness.

Practice does not make perfect; practice makes practice.

If the goal of mindfulness is to practice, then we cannot fail, unless we fail to practice.

But if we practice nonjudgmental acceptance, failing to practice is neither failure nor victory.

All this brings us back around the circle to never failing, but just being.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Mindfulness Epiphany in 98 Words”

  1. Thanks for this post, John. People have such unrealistic expectations sometimes. A yoga teacher once said to us, “We need to accept our resistance to acceptance.” I appreciate this both as humor and insight.
    Regards to you and Rita.

    1. Thanks Gary! It seems to me that expectations are nearly always what gets us in trouble. I’m better at writing about this than I am at incorporating it into my life:)! All my best to you and Joyce.

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