Goodbye 2020 . . . You’re Nothing but History Now

Happy New Year!

As a method for putting 2020 behind me and focusing on a hopeful 2021, I engaged in some forward thinking (rather unusual for me) and wrote an op-ed piece for the Missoulian newspaper to be published TODAY! Below, I’ve pasted the beginning of the article, along with a link to the whole darn thing in the Missoulian. If you feel so moved, please share and like this. . . and I hope you experience the return of happiness in 2021.


The Return of Happiness: Your 2021 Guide

Usually a great source of snarky humor, the Urban Dictionary lists its top definition for 2020 as, “The worst year ever.” Sadly, even the Urban Dictionary couldn’t find creative inspiration from the horrors of 2020. Goodbye, 2020; you will not be missed.

. . . for the rest of the article, click below:

5 thoughts on “Goodbye 2020 . . . You’re Nothing but History Now”

  1. That’s an absolutely delightful article that feels to me like I got a long distance hug and vote of confidence that comes with a new title, Princess-you-can-do-anything-you-put-your-mind-too-you-wonderful-powerful-person-you. Thanks!! Hoping 2021 holds some special Gifts for you!

  2. Very nice, John. And HAPPY new year of 2021 to you and Rita. This new year instead of setting NY’s resolutions, I have listed new year ‘intentions’ for myself. It still takes willpower but if I ‘slip up’ I won’t beat myself up so bad –I’ll just start over. My intentions are good ~ Stay well!
    K Masco

    1. I think intentions are way better than resolutions. I may steal your idea in the future, but I’ll give you official credit! Happy first week. Soon, we may be able to spend less time perusing the political news. Best, John

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