Explaining Hate

From M 2019 Spring

This week I had an OpEd piece published in the Missoulian. It’s a political psychology essay, and so if you don’t like that sort of thing, no need to read it. But if you’re interested, here’s the link to the OpEd piece.  https://missoulian.com/opinion/columnists/how-trump-grows-hate-in-america/article_0bd0c8ba-f994-5f17-bcac-5c4008799f8b.html

6 thoughts on “Explaining Hate”

  1. Thanks, John. I’m especially grateful for your explanation of the inferiority/dominance dynamic. It explains the blind rage that many of us justifiably find frightening and paralyzing in some cases.

    1. Thanks for commenting Gary. The part that’s feeling like a new insight to me is the aggressive response to emotional displays. I’ve often puzzled over why so many angry far right folks insult sensitive people with their talk about “panties” and “babies” so often. Now I just think any emotional display is anathema to them, because of overcompensating against vulnerability/inferiority. Hope all is well!

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