My Slate Article on Donald Trump’s Dangerous Personality Dimensions

Hi All.

The Slate Magazine article where I use Theodore Millon’s personality descriptions to articulate possible challenges linked to Trump and the U.S. Presidency is out. Here’s the link:

As always, feel free to comment. You can do that here or on the Slate article itself.

John SF

8 thoughts on “My Slate Article on Donald Trump’s Dangerous Personality Dimensions”

  1. Fascinating analysis, thank you! I found myself moving through various stages between fearful fatalism and sobering reality. This offers the worried sick populous a better understanding what may be collectively required in the battles ahead.

  2. John, thanks for sending us the link to your Slate article. I find the distinction between narcissism and anti-social personality disorder informative, if not ominous. I now see the reasons for your preference. I also appreciate your warning that containment may not work for this man because of the power he wields. Your article adds to Timothy Snyder’s warnings in his new short book On Tyranny. Thanks for helping us understand our situation.

    1. Thanks for your comment Gary. I’m hopeful that containment can work, but I think it needs to be multidimensional, persistent, and resilient. I’ll have to check out that book. Lately, I seem to especially like short books. I hope you’re doing well.

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