Suicide Assessment and Intervention: Workshop Learning Objectives!

Shirley Dog

This might be the last call for you to sign up for the upcoming suicide workshop in Missoula. To help you lean toward attending, I’m doing something against my own advice. Below I’m listing the extremely exciting workshop Learning Objectives. Why is that against my own advice? Because usually I think Learning Objectives are obnoxiously boring. However, because I’m so into this topic, the LOs seem fascinating to me. . . this is just more evidence that I’ve lost my perspective and judgment. Anyhow, here they are:

  1. Build Your Suicide Knowledge
  • Bust four BIG suicide myths
  • Deepen your understanding of the phenomenon of suicide (e.g., eight risk dimensions)
  • Articulate the pros, cons, and caveats of assessing suicide risk among students and clients
  • Review the SPRC Suicide Assessment and Management Competencies

2. Expand and Practice Suicide Assessment and Intervention Skills

  • Learn, develop, and practice skills for collecting accurate suicide assessment information
  • Integrate your understanding of the eight suicide risk dimensions into your suicide assessment and intervention process
  • Develop and practice skills for (a) asking directly, (b) assessing social connections, (c) assessing hopelessness, (d) dealing with irritability, (e) collaborative safety planning, (f) lethal means restriction, (g) using five different intervention techniques, and more.

3. Develop Your Self-Awareness and Refine Your Attitude Toward Suicide

  • Explore your attitudes toward and reactions to suicide and talk about suicide
  • Imagine how you would face and cope with completed suicides
  • Track, throughout the workshop, how the process of acquiring suicide knowledge and practicing suicide assessment and intervention skills, affects you psychologically and emotionally.

Check out the registration form here:

Suicide and MSE Registration Form 2018

Or, call 406-243-5252 to find out what you need to do to register for the Friday, April 6 workshop.

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