Doing an Internet Interview on IHeart Radio

Today I did an internet interview with Dr. Carlos Vazquez on his “Circle of Insight” show on IHeart Radio. A few minutes after we finished, I got an email from Dr. Carlos indicating it was posted and ready to hear. Wow. Technology is amazing and it’s especially amazing when it works.

Here’s the link to the interview. Check it out if you like. Or ignore it if you prefer.

The show is titled: A discussion about Psychological Theories and how to talk to parents so they Listen with Dr. Sommers-Flanagan

This is what I look like when I do radio interviews.


2 thoughts on “Doing an Internet Interview on IHeart Radio”

  1. Wow John! From the office, class rooms, to the roof tops, now out the windows to the airwaves. Outstanding use of mediums, for such a needed and important topic!

    1. Thanks Mike. I had a Trapper Creek dream last night. My collective unconscious must have been linking with you sending me this nice comment. I know that’s an improper use of the collective unconscious, but now I don’t have you to help keep me in line anymore. More importantly, have you been on the links every month this year so far?? We’re supposed to get 7 inches tonight. Best, John

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