People from New Jersey are Funny

I’ve decided that people from New Jersey are very funny. I have my reasons and they’re not related to that bad Jersey Shore television show.

This link to the Georgian Court University (it’s in NJ) Blog promoting two talks I’m giving there this Thursday and Friday is one piece of evidence. The caption they put with the photo is sort of hilarious. It’s like one of those New Yorker cartoons where they have a contest for the best caption and someone in NJ is obviously very creative and won the contest.

John and Dan

The main message here is: If you live near GCU, I hope to see you soon so we can laugh along with all those New Jersians.



2 thoughts on “People from New Jersey are Funny”

  1. Looks like a great event & I love the caption to the photo. Let me know if you need fliers or a copy of the book to raffle off. Too bad your bio doesn’t include a mention of “How to Listen So Parents Will Talk…”

    1. Hi Rachel.

      It was fun. The organizers sold the “How to Listen. . .” book through the Georgian Court bookstore. But you’re right and I should get that into my bio:).

      I’m up next in Cincinnati at the Greater Cincinnati Counseling Association on around January 11, I think, and will try to make the book even more explicit and available then.

      Thanks for noticing and I hope you’re doing well.


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