Hooking Up: Two Play That Game, and Not Just on Campus

Hey. Here’s a piece Rylee S-F wrote that articulates some of the work and thinking we’ve been doing together as a father-daughter team. The focus is on male sexuality. Give a big shout-out to Rylee for getting this in the Connecticut Review and please reblog, like, and please make the world a better place by helping promote some sensible thinking about boys/men and sex. Thanks for reading! John SF

2 thoughts on “Hooking Up: Two Play That Game, and Not Just on Campus”

  1. I liked it. Great team! Rylee is on her way. Love her Writing. Love your Humor ! Need both combinations, and several others(male female) (daughter father) (young kind of old) that you bring to this topic. Sometimes difficult to separate data, science and logic from culture and religious norms that have been drilled into our/my human psyche. Amen brother. Good job Rylee!

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