Want to Help with Professional Referencing?

Hi All.

I’ve got a writing project going and could use some help with specific tasks and so I’m posting this “job description” and instructions for applying.

Job Description

• Working from a PC platform (sorry, Macs haven’t worked well for this) and using PsycInfo, identify citations/references (books and articles) to use in the 2013 revision of Clinical Interviewing
• Compile these references in an organized electronic chapter-by-chapter library using RefWorks
• Meet with me in person or over the phone to discuss the references as needed
• Insert the references into the chapters using RefWorks
• Edit the reference lists to be perfectly compliant with APA format
• Available to work up to 5 hours a week from now until Feb 1 (this will likely be quite variable with zero hours some weeks and more other weeks)
• Interest in making $15/hour for this work
• If you don’t have direct experience in this area but you’re capable and motivated, depending on other factors, I may be happy to pay you for the first few hours as you learn how to do this

Application Instructions

Email me at john.sf@mso.umt.edu a short letter/note expressing your interest and any experience you have with the items on the preceding job description list.


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