Saturday Morning with Rylee’s Blog

This morning I woke up tumbling through a dream of Margaret and Davis and Chelsea and Seth and Rita. We were all walking together and I got the honor of carrying Margaret on the way home. . . her 21 month old arms around my neck and then—poof—I am awake in Montana and the twins are in Connecticut.

And Rylee is in Scotland.

This past Thursday, as a part of my closing Keynote speech for the Montana Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect Conference, I managed to weave in a 90 second video clip of my grandson Davis walking around with a bucket on his head. I thought my speech was awesome. I was on fire, stringing together clear, clean, and polished sentences. But afterwards most people seemed to think the best part was watching that little boy with the bucket on his head.

This morning instead of reading and grading papers I’m reading Rylee’s blog.

Yesterday we Skyped, which was fine, but sometimes it’s even better to sift through her blog and catch a little glimpse of what she’s thinking, feeling, and doing across the pond. Freud said “Words were originally magic.” This morning my little Rylee’s magical words make me smile and miss her more than usual.

What makes people so desperate and disturbed that they would abuse children? I have a few academic answers to that question. Maybe it’s their old abuse history, their new stress, emotional troubles, needs for power and control, frustration, misdirected anger, twisted inner worlds of confusion about what they want and what they’re doing. But you know what they say: There are many good excuses, but no good reasons.

On this rainy Missoula morning I’m missing the children in my life and wanting to offer tribute to the human service providers and foster parents I met this past week in Helena who have dedicated their lives to protecting children from abuse and neglect. You all deserve a raise. Even better, you deserve to have your dream of preventing child abuse and neglect come true.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning with Rylee’s Blog”

  1. I agree with Rylee, her dad is the best. Although my dad is the best too. Cheers to dads like mine and Rylee’s…making a difference in the life of children beyond their own.

  2. I have vivid memory of a little girl who often visited our home in Belize to play with my daughter, Raisa. Rylee Sommersflanagan has never disappeared from our memories. I hope that technology has afforded us an opportunity to meet again. If this is indeed that beautiful little girl who often cracked me up with her wit back in Belize I sure would like to see you again. I have childhood pictures of you and Raisa playing in the yard and at school at Bernice Yorke Institute of Learning. I may be reached at If it is not Rylee, I must applaud the work you and your dad are doing.
    God Bless
    Rhenae (Raisa’s mom)

    1. Wow. Rhenae, it is amazing and good to hear from you. This blog is in fact about the Rylee who often cracked you up in Belize. How are you and how is Raisa? We also have a very nice photo of Raisa and Rylee playing together . . . which helps with the vividness of our memories. Thanks for commenting here. I will pass your info onto Rylee. She has a blog also, which you can probably find by googling her name. It’s called “The Color Lime.” All my best to you and to Raisa. I hope you’re both doing well. Hooray for technology!

      John Sommers-Flanagan

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