Theories Video-Shoot 1

Did the first of a series of video-shoots today for a counseling theory-based skills project. I had my Freud action-figure sitting on the table next to me, reminding me how to act. Nevertheless, Dr. Rita still says I was more like Carl Rogers than Sigmund . . . which, basically, I consider a good thing. Carl Rogers with a psychodynamic twist. Or an actively empathic Sigmund. That’s okay with me.

One thought on “Theories Video-Shoot 1”

  1. During college, I was tempted to joke to a professor that I couldn’t study for an exam because, “My id really just wanted to eat icecream and go to the movies, and the only reason I am telling you is because my super-ego made me.” I imagine they would have just given me extra homework to continue exploring how my ego could balance the other parts of my psyche.

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