Textbooks in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories in Context and Practice: Skills, Strategies, and Techniques

Editorial Reviews

This text is an enhanced, expanded version of the few books that have already established themselves among the most significantly written and researched documents on psychotherapy. The quality and the depth of the therapeutic concepts and strategies covered in this valuable resource for students and professionals of all helping disciplines are outstanding.

David J. Carter
Assistant Professor
Department of Counselor Education
University of Nebraska at Omaha

“This is a wonderful text that will both inform and inspire. It is comprehensive, well-written, and alive with both history and emerging developments in counseling and psychotherapy. I recommend it most highly.”
Michael J. Mahoney
Professor of Psychology
University of North Texas

You can find Counseling and Psychotherapy at: http://www.amazon.com/Counseling-Psychotherapy-Theories-Context-Practice/dp/0471211052/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_3

Clinical Interviewing


Praise for 2E: “This book…represents a thorough and well-written presentation of the strategies, processes, and interactions necessary for the effective clinical interview…highly recommended…” (Albert B. Hood, University of Iowa for APA Review of Books) 

“The fourth edition of this classic by John and Rita Sommers-Flanagan is simply a triumph! This book has both extraordinary depth and breadth. The authors do an exceptional job of describing mundane–but critical–details of learning to interview while still capturing and articulating the essential “big picture” aspects of contemporary clinical interviewing. The book has it all: theory, research, case material, and the essential “how to’s”, all presented in an accessible and lively format. It is hard to imagine a better book for beginning clinicians.”
—David A. Jobes, Ph.D., ABPP, Professor of Psychology, Co-Director of Clinical Training, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

“Thorough, thoughtful, and well-written, John and Rita Sommers-Flanagan do an outstanding job demonstrating the scientist-practitioner model in action. The text provides excellent coverage of the basic skills involved in clinical interviewing, and the material is brought to life through an engaging literary style, numerous case examples, and informative and amusing anecdotes. The authors also confront important ethical issues pertaining to clinical interviewing, such as informed consent, confidentiality and its limits, and documentation according to HIPAA standards. The review of the literature is current, summarizing many contemporary issues and controversies, such as revisions to be included in DSM-V.”
—James C. Overholser, Ph.D., ABPP; Professor of Psychology, Director of Clinical Training, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH; Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy

“It is a delight to see the 4th Edition of the Sommers-Flanagan’s excellent work. They understand counseling and therapy, their writing is clear, and this book will be enjoyed by students and faculty alike.”
—Allen E. Ivey, Ed.D., ABPP; Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; President, Microtraining Associates, Inc.

You can find Clinical Interviewing on Amazon at:



Becoming an Ethical Helping Professional: Cultural and Philosophical Foundations


“Becoming an Ethical Helping Professional is a usable text that is hands-on, reader friendly, and accessible.This unique contribution by two seasoned helping professionals bridges the gap between the philosophical foundations and the practice of helping.” (PsycCRITIQUES, November 7, 2007)

From the Back Cover

An engaging text that covers ethical choices in a variety of counseling settings

Helping professionals assist people with complex and sometimes highly personal problems. This often means delving into many aspects of human behavior spanning a wide spectrum of relationships, organizational settings, and other interwoven circumstances and situations. Doing this in a professional manner requires an ethical awareness that is both well informed and effectively practiced.

Becoming an Ethical Helping Professional takes mental health professionals on a wide-ranging tour of ethics—covering both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of providing sound, ethical care. Coverage goes beyond a laundry-list approach to rules of conduct, and plumbs the philosophical roots embedded in today’s professional codes. Engaging case studies explore how ethical rules and principles apply in various real-world settings and specialties.

After covering ethical philosophies, codes, and standards, Becoming an Ethical Helping Professional further discusses:

  • The helping relationship from beginning to end
  • Confidentiality and trust
  • Boundaries, roles, and limits
  • Assessment: peering through the right lens
  • Research, efficacy, and competence

In addition, this reader-friendly guide includes the specifics of counseling in settings such as:

  • Agencies
  • Private practice
  • Schools
  • Rehabilitation counseling
  • Couples and family counseling
  • Addictions counseling
  • Teaching, mentoring, and supervision
  • Multicultural settings and situations

A unique and comprehensive resource, Becoming an Ethical Helping Professional challenges students and professionals to consider both the process and the content of making ethical choices as a helping professional.

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    1. Yes, of course. And according to Psychotherapy.net, they’re the best ever:). You should be able to access them with a code on the 6th edition of the text or via John Wiley and Sons. If you have trouble accessing them, let me know and I’ll connect you with a Wiley tech person. Thanks and I hope your summer is great. John SF

  1. I am a new adjunct professor and will be using your textbook this semester. Digging around on the internet I was able to find your old class syllabus. It appears you would assign students to watch movies and use them for case studies. I think this is a great idea. Would you mind sharing some of the movies you gave to students to choose from?

  2. Hello , your books are on the list of textbooks taught within a counseling & psychotherapy educational program in cairo Egypt, and it not easy to find the books locally there, and to order them each time for a big number of students from Amazon costs a lot of time and money, do u have any arrangements for mass orders or educational institutes , we usually use the Kindle version to purchase the books saves time and money every time, Thanks you

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