Istanbul Tomorrow

In 90-minutes, Rylee and I fly out of Seattle to Istanbul. Upon our arrival, the amazing Dr. Umit Arslan will pick us up from the airport, and then we’ll have three days of Umit, Turkish coffee, Turkish breakfasts, and tours of Istanbul with him (thank you, Umit!). As part of the trip, I’ll be offering a talk (translated live and in-person by Umit) at Yildiz Technical University (motto: “The ever-shining star”) in Istanbul. For those of you interested in such things, here are the ppts for the presentation, titled, Skills and Strategies for Conducting Excellent Clinical Interviews:

Peace, love, and virtual hugs,

John S-F

5 thoughts on “Istanbul Tomorrow”

  1. Hi John, looking you up and came across your website. Cool trip. Istanabul is such a cool city. Hope that you have room in your trip for the tourist sights in Istanbul – Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque … hope you can cross the bridge into Asia and beyond.

    Greg Satya Shanks

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