The Psychoanalytic Outtake: AKA John Gets Punk’d

From the psychoanalytic perspective, everything is about sex.


4 thoughts on “The Psychoanalytic Outtake: AKA John Gets Punk’d”

  1. Hey John,
    I’m a social work student reading your book Clinical Interviewing. I had to laugh when I got to the part about clanging, where you warn the reader not to judge all clanging as a sign of psychosis using African-Americans who rap as an example. “Don’t worry, blacks arent psychotic, they just rhyme a lot. It’s perfectly normal.” Haha! I guess it’s pretty lilywhite up there in Montana.

    1. Hi RP.

      Haha. Okay. Maybe we sometimes stretch to insert a little humor into textbooks. I hope that’s okay. We have a significant American Indian population around here and actually I work with a fair number of African Americans in my job as a mental health consultant at Job Corps. It’s great work.

      Thanks for commenting and good luck in your studies!

      John SF

  2. I’m left wondering whether the one minute of this film were clipped from the wrong portion of the video (it shows the sound technician but cuts out partway into the description of the dream), or if it itself is a pnk on some meta-level (a transparently–and ironically–sexual dream prematurely… ends).

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